Eagle Scouts

eagleThe rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rank that can be earned in the Boy Scouts of America. It requires considerable perseverance to get there. Once achieved, the Scout is recognized by his peers, his community, and his nation, as having achieved something very significant — something few attain in their lives.

Once an Eagle Scout you have topped a high mountain climbed by less than 5% of all Scouts.

Eagle Scouts are valued in our society, because they have proven that they can achieve a long-term goal despite many obstacles.

Our records are incomplete. The list below is just a small amount of the Eagle Scouts produced by Troop 392 in 61 years. If you are a Eagle from our Troop or know of one of our Eagles that is not listed please let us know so we can add them and give them the recognition they have earned. 

James A. Harrow 4/10/1988

Brian S. King 6/5/1988

David MacKenzie 7/10/1988

Shannon Wiley 3/25/1990

Jeremy Reynolds 9/13/1990

Jeff M. Foster 2/3/1991

Nathan Arnold 7/21/1991

Eric Lee 11/17/1991

Joseph Bullock 5/19/1994

Dan K. Boyle 9/16/1998

Terry Whitt 9/16/1998

Scott Sawyer 1/26/1999

Justin Rooney 2/28/1999

Eric Esposito 9/16/1999

Zachary M. Dean 3/1/2001

Matthew Vawter 7/15/2001

Todd Tennant 7/15/2001

Anthony Nelson 7/15/2001

Charles Hickman IV 7/15/2001

Bradley R. Evans 7/15/2001

David M. Krol Jr 9/20/2001

Daniel Smail 5/16/2002

Daniel Larson 7/12/2003

Nicholas Spencer 7/12/2003

Nicholas Esposito 7/29/2003

AJ Alonso 2004

Andrew C. Ackerman 2/13/2005

Cody O. Spencer 8/16/2009

Matthew Bezold 12/16/2010

Aaron Gue 2014

TJ Nash 2015

Bryce Sigler 2/29/2016

Caden Yeager  2016

Wolfgang Meyerin 2017

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